ram on a compaq m700

  LAPTOPBABE 14:50 19 Sep 07

I was wondering if anyone knows what is the maximum ram this laptop will take. I have a total of 320 at the moment and it is very slow. This is only the spare laptop I have but my husband would like to take it over but i think he will be tearing his hair out with it!! Can it take anymore? Cheers for any help!

  Technotiger 15:01 19 Sep 07

Your M700 can take up to 576Mb of RAM.

  LAPTOPBABE 23:16 19 Sep 07

After I posted I thought to go on he crucial site, and I asked it to scan to see if the ram could be upgraded, they told me that I already have the maximum in which is 310, but you say i can have 576, so who is right please?

  brundle 23:30 19 Sep 07

This states 576 too click here - go with Crucial, you can return the memory if it doesn't work.

  Ashrich 23:34 19 Sep 07

The general consensus is 576mb ( 64 on board , 512 in remaining socket ) but I wonder whether the processor and bus speed might make a difference as it ranged from a PII 366 to a PIII 850 and a bus of 100 to 133 mhz , if it does I would think that the higher end ones would have a greater memory capacity .


  Quiet Life 23:35 19 Sep 07

If you have two slots and both used then Crucial indicates you have the max. It will not tell you what you can achieve by replacing existing ram with larger sizes. I would think Technotiger is correct.
Why not e-mail Crucial asto fitting larger memories and what they suggest.

  Ashrich 23:41 19 Sep 07

My mistake , the high end ones also have a 100 memory bus , but I still reckon the later ones can take more memory .


  LAPTOPBABE 23:43 19 Sep 07

If this helps it has pentium3 and 696mhz this is a reply to ashrich.

  LAPTOPBABE 23:43 19 Sep 07

If this helps it has pentium3 and 696mhz this is a reply to ashrich.

  Technotiger 08:03 20 Sep 07

You have 256Mb RAM plus 64Mb fixed RAM. You can add another 256Mb RAM.

If both RAM slots are in use then you have 2x128Mb
RAM sticks. These could be replaced by 2x256Mb RAM sticks.

This would give you 512Mb plus 64Mb fixed = 576Mb.

Crucial can tell you what type of RAM to buy.

  Ashrich 20:03 20 Sep 07

click here for a helpful .pdf file showing full breakdown of the M700 , and how to get to the two memory slots , it also confirms that 2x256 can be fitted to make a maximum or either 544 ( 32 onboard ) or 576 ( 64 onboard ) so there is the definitive answer !!


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