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  drewett 10:19 21 Oct 07

I am trying to buy some new RAM but there are a couple of things that i am unsure of, and was wondering if someone could help?

At the moment i have 2xPc2100 256mb 266mhz sticks installed.

The first question is will it be ok to have a 1gb stick installed or is it better to have 2x512mb?

Secondly will pc2700 512mb 333mhz sticks be ok?

And lastly is their much difference between
single and double sided RAM, and will double sided be compaitable?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:31 21 Oct 07

How old is your PC?

Some old PCs will not recognise double sided RAM

Usually a scan at click here will show you what is compatable with your board and they will replace it free if it doesn't work.

  drewett 10:35 21 Oct 07

My pc is 3 years old.

  drewett 11:47 21 Oct 07

This is my motherboard if that helps.

click here

  umbongo(uk) 12:43 21 Oct 07

ok just checked out your motherboard looks like it dosent run dual channel ie 2 identical ram sticks for a bit of extra performance ..so either one stick of ram or 2 will be ok .as it will only run in single channel mode and not duel

taken from your motherboards manual.........

The mainboard provides 2 slots for 184-pin DDR SDRAM DIMM
(Double In-Line Memory Module) modules and supports the memory size up
to 2GB. You can install PC2100/DDR266 or PC1600/DDR200 modules on
the DDR DIMM slots (DIMM 1~2).
(DIMM 1~2)
Memory Speed/CPU FSB Support Matrix
DDR200 DDR266
DDR Module Combination
Install at least one DIMM module on the slots. Memory modules can be
installed on the slots in any order. You can install either single- or doublesided
modules to meet your own needs.

use the scan fruity has linked with n all should go smoothly

  drewett 12:57 21 Oct 07

Sorry to be an idiot but does that mean that i can use pc2700 double sided ram?

Yeh crucial are good but am looking to get some cheap RAM off ebay


  Totally-braindead 14:00 21 Oct 07

Its up to you of course but cheap RAM quite often causes problems. The memory you need for your PC has to be a particular parity etc etc, theres loads of options. I would save yourself tearing your hair out and just go to Crucial. Let them scan your PC and they will tell you what you have, what is compatible.

The last person that posted about this took the info from Crucial and bought memory from Ebay and guess what? It didn't work. He had the hassle of returning it and getting refunded before going to Crucial. Its up to you, you might find theres no problem.

  umbongo(uk) 18:56 21 Oct 07

no offense i buy cheap ram of ebay but i buy for the boards it goes with and tht were the folks fall down when they start saying it dosent work

if i were you id stick to the link for cruicial
like the guys have said .if you arnt up to heart ache and faffing around its best to go with the guys on this and its gauranteed with no comebacks

but i will say kingston,ocz,samsung,nanya,corsair are the ones to choose from if your going to your local shop just watch out for the shops own brand,even tho this may be from a reputable company as above but with the shop name on,as these are the main sellers of ram you want,and will work ,its just tht , as again the guys point out if your new to computers and dont want hassle cruicial will swap if it dont work or refund you

  umbongo(uk) 19:09 21 Oct 07

does that mean that i can use pc2700 double sided ram

yes but it will be slowed down to 2100 speed

now by ebay i bet your on about either giraffe or memmorey man and there another one i cant remember the name of
now if your looking at the high density module,s these wont work with your board

ill be blunt
if you look they list a motherboard chipsets on what they work with.. if yours aint there dont even bother thinking about it.

but these companys do sell low density and as youve probbly seen these are near enough the same price as youd get from a shop.. does that help

  drewett 21:47 21 Oct 07

Yeh thats great umbongo.


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