Mastermind 23:01 21 Jul 03

How can I tell whether the RAM I've got installed is PC100 or PC133?

  powerless 23:04 21 Jul 03

click here

Open the case and have a look for a sticker on the RAM stick.

  bvw in bristol 23:11 21 Jul 03

I've got PC100 and PC133 installed together, no problems. They should work Ok together, but you can't guarantee you'll get no problems.

  Mastermind 23:40 21 Jul 03

Powerless - Thanks. I have already had a look for some indication on the Ram, but there wasn't any. I'm just going to have a look at the link you posted.

bvw in bristol - That's why I'm checking what's in my PC; so that I can upgrade with the same type of RAM to limit the problems I have.

  DieSse 23:44 21 Jul 03

Unfortuately any software test may be fooled,and tell you waht speed they're running at, not what speed they are rated at.

  Young Ranger 23:46 21 Jul 03

Try downloading Sisoft Sandra. When installed it will tell you what type of RAM you have and a whole lot more.

Click here click here

  Mastermind 01:08 22 Jul 03

Young Ranger - Thanks for the suggestion, I had already used Sandra, but couldn't find where it displayed the RAM speed (if it did).

Powerless - Thanks for the link. Worked perfectly.

DieSse - The software suggested by Powerless displayed the model number of the RAM, so that should ensure that it is displaying what speed it's rated at shouldn't it.

  davidg_richmond 01:37 22 Jul 03

Sandra shows it on the motherboard screen and ram bandwidth screen. Aida, go to motherboard then SPD

  davidg_richmond 01:38 22 Jul 03

assuming your board supports spd

  Mastermind 09:16 22 Jul 03

Thanks. I'd found it on Aida.

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