blueskye 18 Nov 11

I have increased my RAM from 512M to 1.5G by inserting 1G in the spare slot However any check that I run shows that I have 512M in both slots! If I remove the original 512M and leave the 1G it shows 512M in the slot. Any suggestions please?

  gengiscant 19 Nov 11

Is the 1GB the same type/speed as the 512MB? What type/speed of RAM is the 512MB/1GB sticks? What is your motherboard? Try putting the new RAM in the first slot and the 512 in the second.

  Terry Brown 19 Nov 11

Download and run either belarc or SIW to see the specifications of the memory. It could be that you board is not designed to take 1gb sticks.




  onthelimit1 19 Nov 11

Or let Crucial scan the machine - it's a fairly reliable way to check what the mobo can support. here

  sharpamat 19 Nov 11

512 is to me low in modern system The first cheak I would make is to find out how much ram and type your system can support. Just because there are available slots it does not always work by just plugging more in

  blueskye 19 Nov 11

Thanks guys but I have already tried using the 1G on its own but Crucial still says there is 512M. The m/c is only recognising the 1st 512Mb in each slot

What i cannot remember is how the machine "knows" how much RAM is in place.

According to my spec the machine should support4Gb.

  lotvic 20 Nov 11

"how the machine "knows" how much RAM is in place"

The BIOS has to recognise it.

  lotvic 20 Nov 11

duplicate thread running in Helproom http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/forums/1/helproom/4096179/how-does-a-computer-quotknowquot-or-detect-how-much-ram-is-in-place/

Please stick to one thread for same subject, to save confusion.


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