BigAl127 10:45 28 Mar 05

Are 168 pin DIMM Modules and SDRAM the same ?

  Paranoid Android 10:50 28 Mar 05


Note, however, that DDR ram and RAMBUS are different.


  BigAl127 10:52 28 Mar 05

In whaat way are DDR & RAMBUS different?

  Paranoid Android 10:58 28 Mar 05

DDR RAM and RAMBUS are both forms of double data rate memory which use 184 pins instead of 168. They will not physically fit an SDRAM slot.

If your motherboard has 168 pin memory slots, you need SDRAM.


  bremner 11:02 28 Mar 05

This will help explain click here

  Paranoid Android 22:24 28 Mar 05

In a nutshell :

DDR ram has 184 pins (or 240 pins for DDR-2 ram) and a single cutout in the slot edge.

SDRAM has 168 pins and two cutouts in the slot edge.

RDRAM (or RAMBUS) has 184 pins and 2 cutouts, close together.

The cutouts are used to prevent similar chips from being placed in slots that won't support them.


  BigAl127 07:07 29 Mar 05

Thanks all, I understand better now.

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