misog 21:54 20 Dec 04

I have found out that I am using all of my pc's 128MB of RAM. How can I find out what programs are being loaded so that I can remove any which are a waste of space. I have tried removing start up progs but this has had little effect. I am running Windows ME.

  gudgulf 22:56 20 Dec 04

You will find that with 128MB of ram you will nearly always be using all of it--Windows alone will use almost that amount.You have two options...1)if your machine is working ok leave things as they are.
2) If you think your machine is running more slowly than usual then you could consider adding some more ram.

  D G 23:13 20 Dec 04

when I got my pc it only had 128mb of ram and also it was onboard graphics so that made it worse,it kept freezing etc.as gudgulf says if it's running ok fair enough.but believe me as you add extras on plus using it for photos, games etc.you'll need more.I added 512mb to mine and it's fine now.DG

  myphrill 23:22 20 Dec 04

my 512MB RAM is 266MHz DDR. is 266MHz fast enough for today? least i see now is 333MHz or 400MHz. is speed a crucial factor?

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