Rainbow colours

  swapper 18:53 25 Mar 05

May be a silly question but...
Would anyone know the RGB numbers for all the colours of the rainbow, violet, indgo,blue,green,orange red and yellow. I am using PSP7.
My grandson wants to produce a true rainbow (or as near as).


  mobileman1953 19:19 25 Mar 05

click here

is this link any use

  csqwared 19:22 25 Mar 05

The following should get you somewhwere near and you can then experiment a bit ,up or down, if they are to intense,dark etc. In the proper rainbow order of Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain (amazing what bits of schooling stick in the brain) and using Red first, then Green,then Blue

Red = 255,0,0:Orange = 255,128,0:Yellow = 255,255,0:Green = 0,255,0:Blue = 0,0,255:Indigo = 255,0,255:Violet = 175,0,255

Hope thats of some use


  swapper 07:04 26 Mar 05

Thank you both, I think both answers will sort me out :-)

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