Raid or Ghost as a backup.

  Derek 14:42 16 Oct 04

I have an 80Gb HD as a master.
I have a second 80Gb HD as a backup.
Should I continue using Ghost to clone from Master to Slave or,
should I look into the possibility of setting up my raid facility.

MB is A7N8X DeLuxe, 512 DDR, 2500+ Barton, XP Pro.
Present HD usage is about 20% so I have plenty of capacity on one disc. What might the advantages of Raid be ?

  CurlyWhirly 18:55 16 Oct 04

If you want to use RAID make sure that forst of all your motherboard supports it.
Also if you are going to set RAID up make sure you go for 'Mirroring' type and not the 'Stripe' mode.
The Mirroring mode makes a backup where as the Stripe mode spreads the data over the TWO drives meaning if ONE of the drives fails you lose everything. Not nice!

Have a read of further info at click here

  Derek 04:36 17 Oct 04

Many thanks Curly, I'll read up the site and become an 'expert'.
Many thanks for your advice once again.

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