Raid installation help, please

  Kate B 20:24 13 Jan 07

I seem to have two Raid controllers on my PC. The first which pops up while booting and before getting to Windows is a Silicon Image controller, Sil 3114 click here and then the Nvidia RAID Class Controller, the option to configure which pops up after the option to configure the Sil 3114 before the machine boots into Windows.

Two things - could someone please explain why I have these two discrete controllers: presumably they do different things? Second, if I were to do a wipe of the HDDs (Raid 0) with a view to a clean install of the OS, how would I go about dealing with the Raid controllers and in which order?

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:56 13 Jan 07

The nVidia controller will be part of the motherboard chipset, the Silicon Image controller is, I think, a separate standalone RAID controller chip on the motherboard. The nVidia controller works very well for me and, if I remember correctly, you also have a pair of WD Raptors.

Once you have setup the RAID controller of choice in the BIOS you should not need to do it again, just press F6, during the Windows install, to install the RAID drivers from floppy.

  Kate B 21:13 13 Jan 07

Yes, you're right about the Raptors, Mr M. So one - presumably the Silicon Image controller - is in effect redundant? That makes things clearer. I don't have a floppy drive - can I use a flash drive?

Thanks for the clear explanation - much appreciated.

  Kate B 21:28 13 Jan 07

Hmm, Googling has produced this thread click here - someone on page 19 says "I discovered that problem on my system is definitely from the NVRAID controller. I have temporarily connected my HDD to integrated RAID-1 controller SiI 3114, and Vista was successfully installed". That's the combination I have, though I have Raid 0, not 1.

  wjrt 22:10 13 Jan 07
  Mr Mistoffelees 22:36 13 Jan 07

I had the same problem with Vista, but my motherboard only has the nVidia controller. I'm hoping nVidia will sort this out with the official Vista platform driver release, I'm sure they will. I think you are OK with a flash drive for the RAID drivers.

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