Raid Drives

  acfc 16:36 21 Feb 09

After a couple of problems with a drive I changed from Raid 0 to Raid 1 so I would not have to reinstall in future if there was a further drive failure. Sure enough my drive failed and the Raid Controller reported it as degraded, I replaced the drive with an identical one and the raid volume was rebuilt automatically.

All is well Except that on boot the PC is hanging for about a minute when reporting on the volume. Windows then starts perfectly and operates normally.

There are also delays if I access the Raid Controller.

Can I demount the drives and then rebuid the volume without losing my data or any other ideas why this delay is occurring???

  acfc 13:33 22 Feb 09

I removed the new drive and the Intel Matrix option ROM read the remaing disk immediately so it would appear to be an issue with communication between the bios and the new HDD. As it's fine once windows kicks in drivers etc cannot help and I don't know how to update the options ROM (I have already updated the bios)

Any ideas?

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