Radio code?

  'oppy 23:23 27 Feb 03

FE and other readers, appologies. I know this is a computer related forum and website, but with some of you being computer wizards and maybe have a bit of knowledge of the problem my daughter and I have with our car radio,(or maybe point us in the right direction)re:- another help website.
Disconnected the battery on the car, didnt think it would delete the radio car code. after reconnecting the battery, switched on the radio, this appears...please insert code,(we dont know it). Anybody know how to get the car radio code back in for the radio to work in a ford fiesta. we dont have the radio instuction book, my daughter has just bought the car, second hand so we are stumped. thinking of ringing past owners to see if they remember the code...cheers 'oppy

  Cordy13 23:42 27 Feb 03

It'll cost you about £10, take it in to a garage which specializes in this !

  Cordy13 23:46 27 Feb 03

BTW get them to make it code free, it only protects the radio if it's stolen, next time you disconnect the battery you will have the same problem! Unless, of course, you make a note of the code.

  Forum Editor 23:47 27 Feb 03

the car secondhand there's a chance that the previous owner set a personal code, can't your daughter contact the person concerned and ask?

Otherwise you'll need to do as Cordy13 suggests.

  Sir Radfordin™ 23:48 27 Feb 03

Depending on the age of the car try ringing Ford or visit your local dealer. They may be able to tell you. Sometimes they charge a fee, sometimes they don't.

  'oppy 23:49 27 Feb 03

cheers for the advice, peeps.

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