Radeon 9800xt problem?

  YAN003 23:26 04 Feb 04

I have just upgraded to 9800xt but while playing sbk2000 things keep locking up and pressing alt ctrl del results in a blank greenish screen. Then all I can do is hit the panic button on the pc tower. Whats going wrong?

  Mysticnas 23:52 04 Feb 04

is the card overclocking itself by anychance???

Is there enough power in the system?

What did you upgrade from? what is the current PC spec? make and model of motherboard etc...

does it support 8X AGP?

  YAN003 00:00 05 Feb 04

Sorry got limited knowledge on these things. Not sure about over clocking. Upgraded from 9700 pro. PC Pent 4 2.66 ghz.

  Mysticnas 00:22 05 Feb 04

you need to download a small program called Belard Advisor from click here

It's a very good program that generates a report of your system, it tells you everything in detail, from what hardware, software, versions, firmware etc...

Download it (603Kb), run it and reply back here with details of motherboard make and model.

  Mysticnas 00:26 05 Feb 04

not belard

  YAN003 00:33 05 Feb 04

Nice one. Will have ago with that tom and let you no. Since posting I have just gone into add/remove programs and noticed drivers still there for 9700 as well as 9800 (I did uninstall the old drivers but done that much messing about back to factory settings etc that i must have reinstalled them). so removed them all and just done a quick install off the cd supplied with 9800. Upto now no lock up.

  Mysticnas 01:05 05 Feb 04

the mostlikely culprit.

But that belarc is useful bit of software anyway.

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