Radeon 9800 Pro Problem

  Press Man 21:58 28 Nov 04

Hi Guys,
This card had been working fine, until now. The monitor went into what, I assume to be standby. When I moved the mouse to "wake" it up nothing happened? Eventually turned of computer and re-started, but it did not boot up, all that happened was the CDRW & DVD lights flashed and the red LED on the front of the case stayed permantly aluminated. Put an old Radeon 7200 card in and everything now seems OK? Any ideas what may be the problem. (Win XP, AMD T/B 1.1)
Thanks in advance of your help.

  AndySD 22:14 28 Nov 04

Check in the BIOS/STARTUP the AGP Apparure is set to 128 or half your total RAM.

  Press Man 22:30 28 Nov 04


AGP aperture is set at 64.

  AndySD 22:33 28 Nov 04

Set it to 128 (as long as you have a minimum of 256 mb RAM)

  Press Man 23:24 28 Nov 04


Do you mean the Ram of the card or PC?

  AndySD 23:43 28 Nov 04

Sorry of the PC

  gudgulf 23:43 28 Nov 04

If replacing the graphics card cures the problem then it strongly suggests a failure of your 9800.Is it still under warranty?

The agp aperture size will not make any difference to whether the pc will boot or not,but a dead card will.

  Press Man 00:16 29 Nov 04

I do belive it is still under warranty, will check. Will not replacing the original H/S & fan with the Artic Cooler not render the warranty invalid?

  gudgulf 15:03 29 Nov 04

You didn't mention replacing the cooler in your original message,but is there anything stopping you from putting the original heatsink/fan back on before you return it.

Incidentally did it fail shortly after putting the new cooler on?.

  Press Man 10:40 30 Nov 04


The card has been running with the new cooler for 2/3 weeks. I can try it with the original heatsink/fan. I am having it tested out on another system to see if it "performs". I purchased this card form Overclockers in Jan this year, should I send it back to them or to ATI?

  PsiFox 11:26 30 Nov 04

Contact overclockers not ATI.


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