Radeon 9000pro 128DDR problems

  NEOSPHEAR 15:50 22 Feb 03

I just brought a saphire radeon 9000pro 128ddr after sorting out the main problems i am still faced with 1 or 2 which are leaving me tearing my hair out.
I did have 2x512ddr dimms installed however i can only use upto 512mb otherwise the system locks up and crashes is there anyway that i will be able to put my other 512 dimm back without it crashing.
The last problem I have is that when loading some games the system just crashes one game in question is C&C Generals?
I am in 2 minds whether to send this card back and try another since my TNT 32mb card had none of these probs just poor graphics.

  Taran 16:03 22 Feb 03

This could well be an OS/memory related issue rather than the card itself.

Which version of Windows are you using ?

  NEOSPHEAR 16:33 22 Feb 03

Im using ME,however after doing some research I found that WINDOWS 9X/ME can't handle anything over 512mb ram along with AGP aperture addresses so I guess it's time to upgrade to XP.
However i'm still faced with why some games like C&C generals, keeps turning the monitor off as if it was in standbye mode then locking the system up? it will load ok then when you go to play or change anything like keyboard controls ect it does the above.
thanks for your reply Taran

  jim18 19:40 23 Feb 03

Have you got the latest drivers from the ATI support site,these iron out a lot of software related problems

  NEOSPHEAR 20:36 23 Feb 03

No i have'nt i thought since that it was a new card those would be the most uptodate i'll give it a go though thanks mate i'll let you know how i get on

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