radeon 9000 pro and power problems

  jim18 10:40 23 Feb 03

ive tried to fit a radeon 9000 pro g/card to my ms 6309 m/board, after installing the drivers and rebooting my pc says the drivers have not been initialised.Ive been told by a freind that my psu is under powered,(150W TOTAL OUTPUT),can anyone confirm this and if so will fitting a new psu(300W TOTAL OUTPUT) enable the radeon to work and more importantly will it burn out my m/board,thanks in advance

  professor 10:54 23 Feb 03

it wont burn out you M\B as a PSU simply provides the extra power in watts to keep everything working, the right amount of power will still be given to all your hardware, only with it being a more powerful PSU it will be provided throughout the system faster.

if i were you though id get a 350w PSU


  AndySD 10:54 23 Feb 03

150W is too low but I cant Guarantee it will enable you to use the 9000 card. But it is most probably the problem.

Changing the PSU wont burn out the Morherboard as ti will draw only the power it needs.

  powerless 10:58 23 Feb 03

breed of graphics card require a seperate power supply, than being powered via the AGP slot.

So yeah a new power supply would be needed 300W should be ok...

No gurantess it will work tho.

Motherboard wont burn out!

Is there a code given, like an error code?

drivers have not been initialised(code10) for example...

  vinnyT 12:48 23 Feb 03

Take a look here

click here they have enermax psu's on there today only page

  jim18 15:20 23 Feb 03

thanks for your help,no error messages are given just that the ati drivers are not working im going to try a 300w psu(£25 at pc world) hopefully this will give me the addditional power i need

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