r300 printer

  sparks3 18:16 22 Oct 06

Does anyone know where I can get a Epsome R300 printer from

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  recap 18:54 22 Oct 06

click here you may have a store close to you sparks3?

  sparks3 19:01 22 Oct 06

I have been on web site on available anymore

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  recap 19:14 22 Oct 06

Looking at other sites, they all say it is no longer available for sale. Whether this means it been superseded or they have all sold out, I don't know.

  sparks3 19:16 22 Oct 06

ok mate cheers but I think that it will be difficult as they are out of date now it is just that I have cis system for that printer

thanks for all your hep
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  postie24 19:27 22 Oct 06

Try ebay sparks3

  sparks3 19:45 22 Oct 06

Thanks mat have just got a r320 which takes same system great thanks again foks

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