QWERTY query

  amonra 19:45 30 Sep 07

Just doing a bit of typing when my finger slipped and I hit the top left key of the keyboard. What is the symbol ¬ used for ? Never really studied the k/b before, never even seen the symbol used. Please enlighten me ?

  SANTOS7 19:58 30 Sep 07

The key to the immediate left of numeral 1 (backtick, `) gives (logical NOT, ¬) when shifted (instead of ~) and with AltGr.

Thats cleared that up then, which also means i avent got a clue...

  amonra 20:01 30 Sep 07

Duh ! Thank you santos7, Can't see me using a lot of it in future. Marked as resolved.

  ambra4 20:06 30 Sep 07

This site will help you to understand the keyboard Symbols

( Not symbol) used in maths

click here

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