"Thunderbird had a problem and crashed"

  bumpkin 25 Feb 12

Hello everyone, The title is the error message I receive when trying to get my email. "Thunderbird had a problem and crashed" Restarting does not work nor System Restore. I can get my mail if I use Outlook so I have ruled out a connection issue. Can anyone help please,I prefer Thunderbird and if I use Outlook it does not have my history.


  buteman 25 Feb 12
  bumpkin 25 Feb 12

Hi, thanks Buteman for the link. Not the firewall blocking it nor can I fix it with the other suggestions. thanks anyway.


  bumpkin 26 Feb 12

Hi again, still struggling with this one. Have uninstalled and downloaded and installed latest version of Thunderbird. Tried this about 6 times now. I was pop.talktalk.net, now this has changed to imac.talktalk.net, not that I can see that this would make any difference. Thunderbird loads up fine but requires a password I can only assume that this is the password I use with my ISP but it does not work. Any further suggestions please.


  buteman 26 Feb 12

Can you not change it back to POP again to see if it makes any difference.

Or if you have another e-mail provider open a new e-mail account in Thunderbird and import the address from your other E-mail provider.

I have never used Thunderbird so cannot give you proper advice best waiting for others to join in and help.

Have you tried starting in safe mode just to see if it worked on there.

Maybe try again.


  buteman 26 Feb 12

Ignore that last click here It never worked.


Just check to see if you have it set up correctly.

  bumpkin 26 Feb 12

Hello buteman, thank you for your advice. I was not aware that there was a "Safe Mode" option for Thunderbird. Once I started it in safe mode I was able to access and reset the settings (Why they were changed in the first place or who by I do not know) Now all working again, lost history as started new account but no big deal just pleased to be up and running again. Thanks again for your help.



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