"System Restore" doesn't restore system!

  KeithMH 31 Jan 13

I'm busy reinstalling Vista (Home Basic) and was happily installing updates when Windows Update suggested them. I appear to have installed SP1 (it shows 4 times in "update history") but "Windows Update" continues to offer SP1 for download. Also, if I try to install SP2, I get a message telling me that I need to install SP1 first. I've tried "System Restore" repeatedly using all available restore points, but I keep getting a message that an "Unspecified error occurred during System Restore".

Can anyone help?

Many thanks.

  Ventad 31 Jan 13

I had this happen with system restore, I found the only way around it was to use it in "safe mode". (Start the computer and keep tapping F8)

  northumbria61 31 Jan 13

I would turn off "Automatic Updates" and then go to Control Panel - Programs and Features - Windows Updates - and remove ALL 4 updates that show SP1 and start again.

  KeithMH 31 Jan 13

Many thanks for your replies.

When I tried to uninstall the four instances of SP1, they didn't appear in the list.

Then I used F8 and went for the Repair option. So far so good, but, of course, it's back to the long slog of downloading and installing. Fingers crossed.

  KeithMH 01 Feb 13

Well, I'm back in the same position again.

Update History shows SP1 as successfully installed, but it doesn't show under "Uninstall an update". Also, Windows Update is asking me to install it again. It doesn't come up when I use "winver".

Windows Update won't even open under Safe Mode.

  northumbria61 01 Feb 13

Take a look at some suggestions here enter link description here

  KeithMH 02 Feb 13

Thanks for that. I'll put it behind my ear for next time.

I've actually solved my problems via http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windowsvista-windowsupdate/sp1-and-sp2-installation-problems/ab1cc682-5d12-430d-ae83-36ddd6d4c97b

Many thanks for your help, northumbria61 and Ventad.

  KeithMH 02 Feb 13

That link hasn't come out right. I'll have another go.


  KeithMH 02 Feb 13


Ther are underscores between windows & vista and between windows & update, which keep disappearing when I press "Post".


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