"open with" not working in Windows 7

  Penny101 03 May 13

Hello, I'm using Libre Office 4.0. When I want to open a .doc file in Libre Office, I right click and select Open with... It gives me the option to choose a default program, so I go through and select swriter.exe. But, when I click Open, it doesn't open the file! The page goes back to Recommended programs (Office 2010, Notepad, PDF), and it doesn't appear in the Other programs section either. Any ideas? Thanks, Penny

  mgmcc 04 May 13

Silly question, since no-one else has replied, but is swriter.exe definitely the correct executable file to launch the word processor in Libre Office? There isn't by any chance another .EXE file such as writer.exe?

Can you launch the program and then open the file from within the running program?

  onthelimit1 05 May 13

I thought (and this seems to support that) the supplied MODEM had to be used, but 3rd party routers can be connected to it instead of the Home Hub.

  onthelimit1 05 May 13

Sorry - posted my answer in the wrong thread!

  Penny101 05 May 13

Hi mgmcc,

No question is silly at my level! All the Libre Office program files seem to have an 's' in front of them. And yes, I can open the files within the program when it's running, so it's not a major problem - just really annoying! Thanks for answering :) Penny

  jaywoo 07 May 13

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