"Oops Exception Encountered" error message on PC Advisor email

  Al Davies 08 Jul 13


This morning, after installing Adblockplus all was fine for a time but when I clicked on the links in the email from PC Advisor, I had an error message which said:

"Oops Exception Encounter. Error Type: Template N/A. Tag handler does not have a setter for the attribute "specified in the Tag Library description"

This happened on all the links in the PC Advisor mail and when I put the message in Google to check what it was, all the links that I clicked there resulted in the same message.

I am using the latest version of Firefox.

Anyone know what is causing this?


  spuds 08 Jul 13

Not just this morning, but over the weekend.

The site was down for possible maintenance this morning, but I have just received an 'Exception Encountered' while using My Post button, and a bit of slowness on page loading. Other than that,its okay.

  Al Davies 08 Jul 13

Thanks folks,

Seems OK at present though I wonder why I got the same message when I put the error message into Google.

I clicked on the various links Google found and got the error message on each one.

Spuds: Did you see the error on any other pages or just with PCA?

Thanks for your responses.

BTW, I didn't see and notification from the site that my query had been dealt with though I had asked for email notification.


  spuds 08 Jul 13

Al Davies - Its just on the PCA website.

Reference to your other comments. Usually its a case of looking at other forum member's responses or comments for information. If you look in your usual email box you should see that you have received three responses to your question so far. To close this post, click on the arrow at the side of the page, it should turn green, and a resolved tick will appears at the top of the post.


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