Quoting from Wikipedia articles

  IClaudio 13:15 05 Nov 09

I've looked all over the Wiki site for info on how to do this, but can't find out if it's even possible. There is a lot on 'citing', but that's not quite what I want to do, as I just want the odd sentence or paragraph. I realise that copyright subsists in the images, and I believe that these are usually credited, so I can ask permission should I want to use them.

Should I email the individual contributors for permission to quote text from their article? Or can I assume that as the resource is 'free' I can 'freely' use the articles?

  Ansolan 15:43 05 Nov 09

There's a little information here on wikipedia content status you might want to read click here

There is the odd exception but this applies to most of their content. Do think you should still consider the point made above:

" Of course, the bad news is you have to say you got it from Wikipedia."


  IClaudio 16:37 05 Nov 09

fourm member, yes, I'd forgotten that, thanks for reminding me.

Ansolan, thanks for the link, exactly what I was looking for and was too dim to find!

I don't mind attributing any quote to Wiki (I should think that I could bury it away in some general 'Credits' page!), and I can filter out the rubbish in the particular context I'm working with - and any text I copy will only be for a snappy boxout or similar, not reams of stuff.

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