"This Tab has been recovered " message

  johnoo 21:17 03 Apr 12

I am using IE8 & XP,& on one particular web site I get this message. On entering this web site I keep getting the message, stating that "a problem with this webpage has caused IE to close & reopen." This problem only occurs on this web site . Why? How do I cure the problem? Note the problem does not occur if I use Firefox as a Browser, but in general I wish to keep to IE8

  difarn 21:49 03 Apr 12

Clearing the cached data and resetting Internet Explorer settings may help. Have a look at this article from Microsoft giving you step-by-step instructions.

  iscanut2 11:11 04 Apr 12

What is the website. Let us know so that we can see if we get the same problem.

  johnoo 11:56 04 Apr 12

This is the web site in question:- http://forums.windowsforum.org/

  iscanut2 12:04 04 Apr 12

Have just tried the website in my IE8 and opens with no problem at all. Have you done what difarn advises ?

  johnoo 12:18 04 Apr 12

Yes, have gone through the total list in the link, including resetting IE to default settings, but still get the problem.

  difarn 13:36 04 Apr 12

It may well be an IE add-on. Have you tried running it in add-on disabled mode?

Click Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

If it runs successfully then it will be a process of elimination which one may be causing the problem.

  johnoo 13:49 04 Apr 12

Sorry, done that, first page comes up OK, then I get the blasted Tab message!


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