Quite frequently when starting to type I get this character " ` "

  hssutton 04 Feb 12

Quite frequently when starting to type I get this character " ` " This can be very annoying if not noticed, such as this morning when I logged into my bank account. Actually should have said tried to log-in. I'm not sure what the character is or how to prevent it occurring.

This as happened randomly since Word 2007 crashed last week, see thread Word 2007 crashing

Any help in curing this problem would be apprciated

  Woolwell 04 Feb 12

It could be the character top left on your keyboard above the tab key. Are you accidentally hitting this key or is it stuck down/playing up?

  hssutton 04 Feb 12

That certainly look like the same character, but I'm positive I'm not hitting that key in error, as when it happened this morning I was using the number keypad

  lotvic 04 Feb 12

Have found out it is called a backtick and is used in scripting Shell commands, The backtick is used to indicate that the enclosed text is to be executed as a command... though I have no idea what's causing the problem you have :(

  hssutton 04 Feb 12

Thanks for the replies I should have mentioned in my OP that this happens randomly on the first key press be it a letter or number.

As I said this is not a problem if noticed, but becomes a problem when not noticed when logging-on

  Woolwell 04 Feb 12

Are you able to try a different keyboard?

  hssutton 04 Feb 12


This is a relatively new keyboard, but yes this evening I will be able to try a different keyboard. As this is a random occurance I will report back sometime tomorrow.


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