Quiet fan

  Sparky3327 15:24 13 Mar 03

Can anybody recommend a really quiet fan to cool my Athlon XP2000 processor. My PC has to be in the living room and the constant noise is driving my wife nuts!!

  vaughan007 15:55 13 Mar 03

You could always try a heat sink. They look like the things on the back of fridges and radiators. Please make sure you get one good enough for the job though. Otherwise you will end up with a dead CPU. You may also find your AGP card is making a huge amount of noise, as some of them are real noise monsters. I have a P4 in my machine and the AGP card is noisier than the processor fan.

Perhaps someone else can tell you exactly what sort of heat sink you can use. Also, it depends on whether it will fit in the case of your computer or not.

Hope this is some help.

  Stuartli 15:58 13 Mar 03

Try a drop of oil on the bearing of the fan.

  vaughan007 16:01 13 Mar 03

You can oil the fan. But be very, very careful doing it.

  cherria 16:53 13 Mar 03

Take a look at the Zalman Flower click here

It is a virtually silent CPU cooler

  Sparky3327 17:03 13 Mar 03

Thanks for that, I've just gone and ordered one!

  cherria 17:04 13 Mar 03

You might want to check how much noise is coming from the power supply fan as well.

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