Quiet & effective Intel Socket 775 HSF recomend

  Audio~~Chip 00:52 25 Sep 09

Still trying to find the last 2 parts for a new intel Q9550 Quad core build and HSF choice is driving me mad. I have got a new case ordered which is a Antec Solo, with a Asus P5QL Pro not yet ordered though.

I am tring to find a good Skt775 cooler which is quiet and good temps. No overclocking.
I am looking at the Noctua NH-U12 on ebuyer just a bit worried about the size of it. like, is it too tall and/or too wide ?

Has anyone maybe used this combination Antec Solo, Asus P5QL Pro with it please

  Audio~~Chip 00:54 25 Sep 09

the other week another forum user recomended a Akasa AK-960 but this is end of life and no longer available. Have got AK-965 & AK-967 nero in mind but not confident these are quiet

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