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  tele52 09:00 25 Apr 07

I have just loaded a programme that uses Quicktime. No problem with that but it has set itself as the default player for watching clips on the net overiding Nero which I prefer. I tried to find a way to get back to Nero without success.
Any thoughts?
Many thanks

  FreeCell 10:41 25 Apr 07

Go to Control Panel and click on the QuickTime icon. Select the "File Types" tab and then unselect the file types you don't want QuickTime to be the default player. Suggest these are all MP3, JPEG GIF etc.

Don't have Nero but there must be a simiolar function to check and reset this as the default. Otherwise go to Folder Options in Control Panel and s]again select "File Types" tab. Here you will have to go through each file type extension e.g. JPEG and change Quicktime back to Nero.

  tele52 12:05 27 Apr 07

Many thanks

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