Quick question about IP addresses

  Kate B 00:15 07 Nov 05

If you have two or more PCs on a home network online at the same time via a router, do they have different IP addresses for the purpose of identifying them on the internet, or does the ISP just register that the router is online and not differentiate between the computers?

  Splork 00:17 07 Nov 05

The router deals with the IP address as far as the ISP is concerned, and assigns IP addresses to your connected PC's itself. It's called Network Address Translation.

  Kate B 00:19 07 Nov 05

So as far as the ISP is concerned, even if you have two machines online, they both have the same IP address ... just discussing on another forum tracking down trolls.

Thanks, Splork, that's what I thought.

  Splork 00:21 07 Nov 05

Yes that's right.

  Splork 00:21 07 Nov 05

Have you tried looking under the nearest bridge?

  Kate B 00:29 07 Nov 05

Ha ha. Mercifully this forum is free of trolls. Not always the case elsewhere!

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