Quick question

  Thatslife 10:54 16 Nov 05

Just got an cooling fan for my PC - Should it blow hot air out or cold air in??

  Skyver 10:57 16 Nov 05

It depends where the fan is. It's usually best to have cold air drawn in low down at the front of the case, and hot air blown out higher up to the rear.

  Thatslife 11:03 16 Nov 05

At the moment it's half way up the back drawing cold air in.

There's no space for it at the front. I take it it's better than nothing having it at the back?

  Skyver 11:06 16 Nov 05

You could just turn it round, so it's drawing air out. It will be more effective, and reduce the amount of dust drawn into the case.

  Thatslife 11:08 16 Nov 05

Ok - Thanks Skyver

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