Quick one hopefully

  GeeKay+Dee 21:45 04 Sep 03

When i'm searching for a file or folder, when i type in what i'm looking for it gives me a list of all the previous searches i have done starting with that letter e.g. when i'm looking for say games, when i start to type in the letter g i get a list of everything else that i have looked for starting with g. I understand that some people find this helpful and time saving but i want to know how i can disable this function or alternatively delete some of the options. Thanks in advance

  Djohn 21:51 04 Sep 03

Do you mean in windows itself or in your Internet browser? also which version of windows. j.

  GeeKay+Dee 21:55 04 Sep 03

in normal windows. its windows me

  Ironman556 22:01 04 Sep 03

Not sure about Windows.

Highlight the entry and hit delete. eg, in the google search.

  Djohn 22:14 04 Sep 03

well I can find loads of info. on how to enable/disable "Auto. complete" in IE, or other browsers, but nothing for windows itself. Sorry but maybe someone will be able to help. j.

  Jester2K II 22:17 04 Sep 03

Ironman556's suggestion usually works.

  GeeKay+Dee 22:19 04 Sep 03

Have tried delete bo no joy! Thanks anyway

  Jester2K II 22:39 04 Sep 03

Did you type g then highlight (BUT NOT CLICK) then entry you want to remove and then hit delete?

Doesn't work if you click on the entry first.

  lindyloo4 22:40 04 Sep 03

Try Window Washer, you can set it to remove find/search history and it can be downloaded from the PCA site.

  Ironman556 22:52 04 Sep 03


Open Internet Explorer, go: tools, internet options, content tab, auto complete.

For more info try google.

  woodchip 23:14 04 Sep 03

Get tweak UI this removes the history. You can get it from PCA downloads

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