Questions on Incredimail

  golfpro 08:12 19 Nov 06

A couple of years ago I wanted a change of email program (I normally use O/E), So I changed to incredimail. For some reason I can't remember now I reverted back to O/E. I did this again about a year or so ago, kept it for a week and then back again to O/E. I seem to remember having problems with I/M with sending mails, and a few other little niggling things.
I wouldn't mind giving it another go only if they have cleaned it up a bit. Are you using it, What is the present one like, have you any problems with it so far??
Any feed back will be welcome.
I use Yahoo (pop mail) and Mailwasher pro.

  golfpro 08:25 19 Nov 06

The other thing was when I tried to de-install it, it was a hell of a job to get rid of everything, it kept clinging on, a bit like Norton AV. In fact I still think there are bits in there somewhere.

  birdface 09:42 19 Nov 06

Its worse than Norton for leaving things behind, Thats why when you re-install it you will probably still have all your old contacts,I have been going to delete it so many times, and just thought it has to be better than Outlook Express,What I do like about it is you dont have to open it up to look for e-mails, it tells you if you have any,I would give it another go, Cant go wrong , its still free,

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