Questionnaire and electronic responses...

  nick_j007 16 Aug 11

I need to explore ways of enabling people to respond to a 20 question survey I have for a Masters project. I want to post it to them via email, for them to easily place the mark using multiple choice and then send back to me. Along with the questionnaire I would like to connect a 20 page document that the questions relate to along with a cover letter.

I want to save them from printing manually filling it in and posting to me.

I have looked at free survey software, but the free programmes only allow 10 questions per survey...I don't want to break it up like that and make it complicated for the user.

Hope you have some simple ideas?



  Forum Editor 16 Aug 11

How many responders would be involved?

  nick_j007 17 Aug 11

Thanks FE.

That's a good question. I was thinking I'll need 100 responses, but spoke with a colleague who went through a similar process and she ended up with 300!


  nick_j007 18 Aug 11

Any further thoughts please? I'm still stuck on this one.

How about something like this?

Thank you.

  Forum Editor 18 Aug 11

The PDF editor at your link seems to be an answer. At just under $20 it's worth a try, I would have thought.

  nick_j007 19 Aug 11

Thank you. I shall do that today.


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