Question for FE about password managers

  exdragon 03 Sep 12

FE - In an earlier post about password managers, you said this:

**Speaking purely personally, I would never, ever use any form of software to save my passwords. There are other, more secure ways to manage them.**

What would you suggest, please? You must have many more passwords/logins/user IDs/security numbers/user names than I do! Websites seem to differ vastly in the details they want.

  iscanut2 03 Sep 12

I save mine in a spreadsheet on a USB memory stick which I plug in when I need to use the info.

  wiz-king 03 Sep 12

I have a 'little black book' at home for logins & passwords - and no it's not kept on/by the computer. I also have a book at work for the multitudinous passwords I have there.

I stopped keeping them on a spreadsheet when I had a disk failure and lost the spreadsheet (and everything else).

  lotvic 03 Sep 12

I also have a 'little black book' tucked away. I find that a lot quicker to use and update than anything on a pc, also if I have a HD failure there is no problem trying to get access to them. I did once think of putting all details on a spreadsheet and printing it out but never got round to doing it.

  rdave13 03 Sep 12

Why is it all our little books are black? :)

  lotvic 03 Sep 12

:) mine is black with Star Trek on it. A phone number book index A, B, C etc that I got as a present in the snowy month many moons ago. It seemed rather apt to use it for data to access Cyberspace... ;-)

  rdave13 03 Sep 12

Lol. Mine is a small address book with a 2004 calendar in it. This reminds me to "update" it as the ball-point ink is beginning to fade on the earlier entries. Sometimes the pen is mightier than the spreadsheet......


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