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question about zip files

  mco 17:23 25 Jun 06

I know how to unzip so I'm sure I'll be able to zip - I know this means compressing files. I have a 10MB limit on uploading to a certain website. Sure this is a silly question but - if I zip it and compress my file ,does that then make it smaller so I can upload a file over 10MB - or not?

  Joe R 17:26 25 Jun 06


yes it will make the file smaller, but, to keep it a good quality, the compression is only around 10 percent or so.

  ade.h 17:27 25 Jun 06

Hi mco. Yes, it makes it physically smaller by removing some extraneous data and appending it to the files. You can zip stuff very easily in XP; there are various slightly different methods depending on what/how/where but I tend to select a group of files and right-click one of them, then choose Send To... and select Compressed Folder. You can do the same with an existing folder, which will make a compressed copy of it.

  mco 17:35 25 Jun 06

..it's a 30MB wmv file which I want to upload to school VLE that only accepts files up to 10MB. I could upload it to one of my own sites but don't see why I should really, unless absolutely necessary. Thanks

  wee eddie 17:57 25 Jun 06

click here

then you could post it in bits

  DieSse 19:58 25 Jun 06

wmv files are already compressed. It's unlikely that zipping will compress it much more - it certainly won't get it from 30MB down to 10MB.

Incidentally Zip is a lossless compression system - nothing whatsoever is lost from the original file.

If your limit is 10MB, is this an upload only limit, or the maximum file size you're allowed to use - if the latter you have an insoluble problem.

  mco 20:42 25 Jun 06

..I can't upload individual files bigger than 10MB. Never mind, I'll upload them somewhere else and link to them. Thanks.

  duvat 22:05 30 Jun 06

I recently purchased a webcam thru' ebay,when I tried to use the cd-my system windows xp issued a warning-I then contacted the seller who sent me a list of three drivers, which ended with the term "zip" and when I downloaded the first one,it was at 28mb,this plus the other two would have been 80mb approx. would this use up memory space on my hard drive?-I don't know anything about zipping or unzipping files. Please help

  ade.h 22:35 30 Jun 06

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  ade.h 16:09 01 Jul 06

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