question about PCI graphics cards

  billy99 05:57 20 Dec 05

hi, i just ordered a PCI graphics card for my pc, which didnt have a AGP slot in it. i meet all of the requirements for the particular type of PCI card i have ordered, my question is, are all PCI cards the same size? As in, can all of them, or most, fit in the regular PCI slots that are in the motherboard of the computer? just the part of the card that gets plugged(those golden pins) in the slot.
thanks for the help

  Diodorus Siculus 08:06 20 Dec 05

Yes - they are all standard (assuming they are not PCI express - the newest technology).

The thing to watch out for is the size of cooling fans - as long as there is enough space between the card and whatever is beside it you will be ok.

  Terry Brown 14:06 20 Dec 05

There is also the question of Voltage. The majority of new PCI cards use 1.5v, however if you have an older motherboard, it may use the 3.3v system.

If you connect a 1.5v board to a 3.3v system, it will possibly burn it out or maybe refuse to work.

If you have a manual for your motherboard, check the settings, if not post a query on a search engine (i.e. Google)for the motherboard.
Hope this helps.

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