question about laptop batteries

  richierich 00:20 20 Aug 03

I use a laptop ( an old toshiba tecra8000 pentium2) everyday, mostly running off the mains but occasionally I run it from the battery.
If I use it from the mains most of the time should I disconnect the battery to improve its lifespan as I was wondering if the constant charging and discharging shortens its life.
Is it better to charge the battery fully, remove it and only replace it as needed, run it right down and charge it again,
hope it makes sense and await some learned comments

  User-312386 00:26 20 Aug 03

what is the battery type?

old batteries do need discharging then recharging

if you just constantly charge it then the battery life will considerably degrade over time

  woodchip 00:27 20 Aug 03

You are better removing it as "some battery's" can develop a memory fault. If they keep getting a short charge they only run a short time as they think they are run down

  richierich 00:29 20 Aug 03

its a Li-ion type, Ive just replaced one that lasted just over a year so I want to extend the life of the new one as much as possible, as I said mostly I am plugged into the mains, but need battery power occasionally

  sil_ver 00:30 20 Aug 03

I dont think 'memory faults' apply to NiMi batts'

  woodchip 00:37 20 Aug 03

No that's OK

  fitshase 01:08 20 Aug 03

Why not do what we do in the company. Most of the people in my company use laptops at work. What we do is every week, we simply unplug the power lead from the laptop and run it off batteries. When the low battery warning appears, we simply plug the power lead back in.

This makes full use of the battery and makes sure that it does not develop a bad memory fault.



  richierich 07:43 20 Aug 03

thats a good idea, Ill just have to remember to do do it.

  Belatucadrus 10:56 20 Aug 03

click here for a useful battery FAQ page.

  richierich 22:47 20 Aug 03

Thanks Belatucadrus,
I think that is about as conclusive info as I am likely to get.

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