A question about IP's

  tman16 22:00 11 Sep 07

HI I'am using a Netgear ADSL Firewall Router DG834G and i have a laptop with wifi and a computer connected to it, bot of which have the same ip. I was wondering if there was a way to have a different ip on the computer than on my laptop please?


  Devil Fish 22:05 11 Sep 07

they should be different otherwise your pc or laptop would would be flagging up an ip address conflict error

the only ip that is the same is the ip address supplied by your isp for the Internet

  tman16 22:14 11 Sep 07

when i go on click here they both have same ip?? what is this?

  recap 22:17 11 Sep 07

The IP address is correct as it is coming from your ISP. You will only have a different IP address on each pc if you have set-up a network.

  tman16 22:20 11 Sep 07

Is there a guide for me to set up my network with a pc and a laptop for my DG834G netgear wireless router? please?


  Devil Fish 22:25 11 Sep 07

it is the ip address allocated by your isp your Internet ip address

any private ip addresses given to your pc / laptop
will be allocated by your router and remain
invisible to the Internet your isp allocated ip address is given to your router

if you are using xp click on start then run type cmd
click ok a black box will appear on your screen type ipconfig then press enter

you will see

1p address (this is your internal ip address
subnet mask
default gateway (this is your router )
do this on both machines you will see your internal ip addresses are different

  DexterDog 23:25 19 Jun 08

On a forum I am on 2 people are being accused of lieing because their IP addresses show as the same ( with x at the end digit )and they claim they have no knowledge of each other. is this possible?

  Dopeman 23:16 23 Jun 08

ur a bit late mate lol, about 9 months

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