Question about IP addresses

  whisked 22:11 12 Jun 05

Are they unique to each individual or to each machine connected to the net?

  stalion 22:17 12 Jun 05
  Zaphod Beeblebrox 22:34 12 Jun 05

each internet connection will have a unique IP Adress not necaserily each machine connected to the net. A network of machines will generaly have internally assigned ips and only one pulbic =( internet Ip)accessed through a gateway (another machine or router)

  whisked 23:02 12 Jun 05

So for a family of five folk who all share the one machine, are each of their IP addresses the same?

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 23:25 12 Jun 05

when you connect your isp will assign you an IP adress from a pool so regardless of who is using the machine you will have that ip adress all the time you are connected it does not recognise who is using the machine it is a unique number that identifies your machine on the internet i think the best way to describe it is a postal adress

when you go on the internet an search for something you are requesting information. the server you request the information from needs to know where to send it hence your ip adress internet postal adress

  whisked 23:29 12 Jun 05

That explanation is crystal clear.

Thanks alot.

  Number 7 23:52 12 Jun 05

The IP address is allocated to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that you use to provide internet access- BT, AOL, Wanadoo etc.

Each ISP has its own block of unique IP addresses assigned to that particular ISP.

When you logon to the internet your ISP will assign one of these unique addresses to your machine- you'll be assigned the next available free address from the pool of addresses allocated to your ISP.

Hence, all users of the machine will have the same IP address.

That's assuming all users of the machine use the same ISP.

  Ole.H 14:07 19 Dec 05

I have windows98SE is it possible to hide my ISP.I'm getting a lot of E-Mails with attachments which have a virus in them, luckily Yahoo won't let me open them because of this virus but the people I get them from are genuine
from my address book.Any body else come across this. Thanks.

  Devil Fish 16:26 19 Dec 05

start your own post

This one has been ticked as resolved
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the only reason i opened it because i posted to it as zaphod beeblebrox some 6 months ago and was curious as to why it had reappeared

  woodchip 16:32 19 Dec 05

mine changes all the time

  Devil Fish 16:38 19 Dec 05

The name change coincided with the new format website
as they reduced the max no of letters for the nicks and zaphod beeblebrox was just to long

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