Question about CPU

  ACOLYTE 12:17 25 Apr 07

Hi,all,i am in the process of building a new pc and am looking at this cpu
click here

Now im not sure what the x64 is,does it mean i need the 64 bit version of windows to run it or would it run ok on my 32bit version of xp home?

  harps1h 13:31 25 Apr 07

it will work just fine with 32 bit windows.

  harps1h 13:38 25 Apr 07

also if you look here there is a definite lead time of 5 days. remember you will need an am2 motherboard and ddr2 memory to work in conjunction with it.

click here

  Totally-braindead 13:41 25 Apr 07

It will work fine with either 32 bit or 64 bit windows, the X64 bit is meant to improve performance/compatability with 64 bit windows and 64 bit programs, I would stick to 32 bit windows.
Just make sure the motherboard is an AM2 board and will support this processor.
I did notice its not in stock though.

  ACOLYTE 22:39 25 Apr 07

Thx for the reply's at least now i know i dont have to buy another OS,lol.

Harps1h,im not totaly sure what a 5 day lead time is lol.As for the Motherboard i was looking at this one
click here

looks ok and quite cheap too.

  Totally-braindead 22:46 25 Apr 07

You mean this one click here £5 cheaper and not off Ebay?

  ACOLYTE 22:51 25 Apr 07

Yeah thats the one,lol the reason i was looking on ebay is somtimes you can get some nice deals,and i can pay by paypal witch for me is a +,although i have not looked around the local shops for any of this stuff it has all been online,but i doubt that i would get the same prices on the high street.

  Totally-braindead 22:57 25 Apr 07

My last board was a gigabyte one and its still going strong - sold it to a mate.
Only problem I might forsee with it is it has only 2 PCI slots, not a problem if thats all you need but could be a problem for some.
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  harps1h 20:59 26 Apr 07

i would suggest you move your budget up slightly and invest in an nforce 570 reference board. by the way 5 day lead in time is the time it will take to get out to you.

click here

the board you were looking at is an older model thus the price. not sure the chip and board are best suited as it may throttle the cpu performance. it a bit like buying a £500 suit and putting a £20 shirt with it.

  ACOLYTE 03:01 30 Apr 07

Thx for the info ill take a good look at that board).

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