a question about the cmd

  Dopeman 21:09 06 Jul 08

alo people, simple question, how do i PEMANENTLY change the colour of my cmd.

I've saved a command prompt shortcut to my desktop, when i go into the command prompt through the shortcut, the text colour is green. however when i go into it through holding the windows button+r then type 'cmd' it comes up, and the text colour is white.

this has lead me to believe that the cmd and the command prompt are diffrent things . . is this not the case?


  Pesala 10:41 07 Jul 08

I don't think you can modify the defaults. You must use a shortcut to get anything different to the defaults. You can either modify this via the shortcut properties dialogue, or run the shortcut, then modify the properties via the window drop down menu.

  DieSse 10:58 07 Jul 08

You need to explore the settings more thoroughly.

Colours are applied via parameters added to cmd when you choose it from the menu - when you Run cmd there are no parameters applied so you get the defaults.

If you right click the menu bar in the command window, you can set the colours both via Defaults and Properties - these apply to the different circumstances when you run cmd in different ways.

  Dopeman 11:06 07 Jul 08

cheers you two, you've basically confirmed what i thought - only shortcuts, diffrent where it is i.e start menu, desktop, where ever.

DieSse - yes i've changed the default colour, in the command prompt (in the start menu).

And thanks again for posting ... i didn't think anyone would lol

cheers :)

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