Question about adding extra DDR RAM

  MartynHoll 14:57 07 May 05

I have a 512MB memory stick which is 184 Pin, 333MHz. I have bought an additional 512MB stick, but I have been sent a 400MZ stick instead of 333MZ. I have put it in the 2nd slot but the PC is not 'seeing' it. Is this because it needs to see a matched pair?

  Joe R 14:59 07 May 05


can you try the new module by itself in your first slot.

  Regnak 15:09 07 May 05

dont think you can use both memory modules because they are running at different MHz not sure about using the new one on its own i suppose it would depend on the mobo you using

  Joe R 15:11 07 May 05


unless there is a fault with the module, it should run with a fsb of 166, instead of the normal default 200.

  Regnak 15:17 07 May 05

I didnt know that lol learn something new everyday here always worth a try i suppose, dont think id do it through fear of wasting a perfectly good mobo or mem mod

  Joe R 15:19 07 May 05


I only knew myself, because of a similar problem I once had. ('though I had ordered the wrong type myself).

  Diodorus Siculus 15:28 07 May 05

Will the new module work by itself?

  Regnak 15:42 07 May 05

hopefully he didnt fry his comp :-/

  MartynHoll 17:39 07 May 05

I have tried the new memory by itself and it works OK. I have tried putting it in slot 1 and the existing memory in Slot 2 and still no joy!

Do you think it is down to a 333MZ and a 400MZ not being compatible?

  Joe R 17:46 07 May 05


I think that the cas latency speeds will be different for each type of memory.

You could try going into the bios with both modules loaded, and change to fail safe defaults. If not, you will have to send back the new one, and ask for a replacement.

  MartynHoll 18:18 07 May 05

I tried the bios defaults and that did not work either! It looks as though the memory will have to go back and be replaced by a 333MHZ module.

Thanks for your advice

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