Quality PSU Brand?

  harleyd 07:51 AM 18 Aug 11

Hi. My spare PC needs a new PSU, what's a reasonable quality brand to fit?

  onthelimit1 08:50 AM 18 Aug 11

I use iCute from Maplins. Around 25 quid for a 400W model. There are cheaper ones around, but these are nice and quiet and seem to last well.

  ICF 20:02 PM 18 Aug 11
  gengiscant 09:52 AM 19 Aug 11

The one from 'ICF' without a doubt.

iCute Is Sharkoons secondary name. Not saying top of the line but reviews on the net for Sharkoon products arent on the low end. There have been a few reports of icute PSU's blowing which can mean taking out your other components.

  onthelimit1 08:36 AM 20 Aug 11

Corsair are undoubtedly better, but my customers are usually reluctant to spend that much. I haven't had an iCute fail (yet!), but would probably go down the Corsair route if it was for myself.

  finerty 17:40 PM 25 Aug 11

have a look at ebuyer and novatech.

  harleyd 18:42 PM 25 Aug 11

Hi everyone & apologies for the delay in coming back to you! I've now sorted it with a iCute. All's now fine. Many thanks!


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