QuadCore 2.9Ghz whats the alternative CPU please?

  tomtu 26 Apr 12

Can anyone tell me please what is the equivalent CPU to my "Quadcore Extreme" 2.9Ghz chip with today's processors please?

please bare in mind it was the top of the range when it was made a couple of years ago hence the "Extreme" label...if its not another quad chip which hex core would match it?


  KRONOS the First 26 Apr 12

You will have to give more details of your CPU as "Quadcore Extreme covers a few different processors.Take your pick.

  tomtu 26 Apr 12

Chronus Many thanks for that ive now located the correct CPU i had! i dont have the pc here so it was hard to guess, Anyways here is the cpu:

Intel® Core™2 Extreme Processor QX6800 (8M Cache, 2.93 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)

  Nontek 26 Apr 12

I think I would opt for the i7 Extreme.

  KRONOS the First 26 Apr 12

What is your budget? What is your main use for your PC?

  tomtu 26 Apr 12

Its a replacement from my insurance from a Dell XPS, they have tried fobbing me off with a i3 then an i5 processor so i am kinda trying to make them understand my cpu was one of the "Extreme" chips but they are telling me its not about the model or type its the speed??? im on a "Like for Like" basis..so i think asking for a "Extreme" chip is acceptable its insured for £2000...Thanks guys!

  tomtu 26 Apr 12

BTW sorry i forgot i use it for gaming! i have a BF3 server so it needs to be a decent cpu..

  KRONOS the First 26 Apr 12

Then a Nontek has said the i7 extreme is the chip to go for. Typical insurance company actions. Stick to your guns. Good luck.

  tomtu 26 Apr 12

Chronus thanks! i just wanted an opinion from an outsider so thanks for that! :-)

  tomtu 26 Apr 12

Just had a call from them they are "Considering" my request but have stated i may have to start the complaint procedure??? i only want what i am or should be entitled too?

  ICF 26 Apr 12

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