SylvesterMagic 14:33 24 Dec 06

My laptop seems to have stopped recognising my CD/DVD drive the QSI drive above).

When I boot up it tells me that it has Found New Hardware (it calls the hardware "v") and then asks to search for the Hardware. It can't find any drivers on the C: drive or online.

My E: drive (the drive for the CD/DVD player) no longer comes up when I explore the computer and no CDs or DVDs play when I put it in the drive.

Under Device Manager I can see the "v" under Other Devices (it has a question mark assigned to it) but can't reinstall or roll back.

Any ideas gratefully received!



  postie24 14:35 24 Dec 06
  SylvesterMagic 15:54 24 Dec 06

thanks for the link postie24

have worked through your registry fix and cleared the uppers and lowers, rDave13's IMAPI auto startup idea, but with no luck

Device Manager isn't seeing an optical drive at all - where it should be is the question mark with the title "Other Device"

  postie24 16:02 24 Dec 06

Did you reboot after reg fix?

  SylvesterMagic 16:24 24 Dec 06

yes I did... it came up again with the same "new hardware found" message, but then can't find the hardware after it's asked me to search for it.

seems as though the pc knows that there is something connected, but doesn't know what it is

  postie24 19:02 24 Dec 06

Check in the bios that the cdrom drive hasnt become disabled

  SylvesterMagic 10:39 30 Dec 06

thanks for the help postie24 - not quite sure what happened but it seemed to clear itself. Computers... love em.

  postie24 14:03 30 Dec 06

Glad its sorted,


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