Puzzling Hard Drive Activity

  pasty 09:17 07 Dec 03

I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable about pc's, but my problem has me stumped. Upon startup, the hard drive on my XP computer has a storm of activity, after a few moments the activity stops and the hard drive goes quiet. However, the activity light on the front is constantly on, and whenever i do anything like open a program, the hard dive makes a loud click. i don't appear to have this problem in the evenings. can anybody help???
Thanks a lot

  howard60 09:21 07 Dec 03

if it is it could be a sign that it is failing. Having been off overnight? it has settled into its bearings and a certain amount of stiction takes place. When restarted it may not be getting fully up to speed and therefore the system will need much longer to read from it. If this sounds like the problem either borrow or buy a new drive and stick it in and see if this stops the problem.

  pasty 20:45 08 Dec 03

No, its not an old drive, it's a brand new computer which i bought about two or three months ago. The problem has only come up this past week, but i can't think of anything that i've installed that might have made it go like that.

  Gaz 25 21:02 08 Dec 03

I think the drive is suffering from the click of death... What make of HDD is it, it seems IBMs fail often. Thats why I only buy Maxtor or Seagates now for PCs I build.

Or you could try a disk defrag? Or Bootvis?

  Gaz 25 21:03 08 Dec 03

The HDD in any case SHOULD NOT be making any clicking sounds!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:30 08 Dec 03

start-run and type msconfig, then go to the startup list and just have a look at what is running. Report back any progs that you do not understand.


  pasty 18:27 09 Dec 03

The hard drive is an 80gb maxtor 6YO80LO. The computer isn't experiencing any adverse effects, i'd just like to get to the bottom of the light and the noise.

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