Puzzle.exe onto web.

  tnelis 23 Jun 10

Hi, I have a freestanding .exe file called puzzle.exe which is a working jigsaw puzzle using one picture.
How can I get that onto my website, so a friend could click on an icon and start doing the puzzle.?
The prog is supplied as freeware by Jigs@w Puzzles.
I don't want to email it, I want to put it on a blog or website, so people can click onto it to solve the puzzle, so I need a way to put it up on the web...html?...how do I do this please?
Thank you,

  oscar.cat 24 Jun 10

Another solution to using an exe file is upload a picture to jigzone.com which will then give you the code to embed the jigsaw on your blog or website.

I currently have a jigsaw on my website which has proven to be very successful with visitors, an example can be seen here click here

  tnelis 24 Jun 10

Thanks, good solutions. I appreciate it.

  progcomputeach 29 Jul 10

there are several ways you could do this:

1. Send the file to the user- but .exe files can contain a virus!

2. Zip the file up and send it.

3. Create a "Setup and Deployment" project which allows them to install it on their computer. They could downlaod this setup program from a website

4. Write the program as a web application which means re-writing the program using Visual Web Developer. This means that they will be able to login to your website and use the proram without having to download it..


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