Putting Videos and Photos on a DVD

  Sparky 77777 12:58 01 Feb 05

I am trying to put a collection of Home Videos and photographs onto a DVD to play in my DVD player. The videos that I create are avi files and the photographs are jpeg files.

I am using NERO to create the DVD but it keeps coming up with errors when I try and create a slideshow. I can do this as a SVCD but the video files are too big for CD.

Any clues?


  Technotiger 13:53 01 Feb 05

Hi, are you using blank cd's or dvd's - cd's would not have enough room for video, though ok for just pictures.

I have just today made a slideshow but just using a normal blank cd.


  Sparky 77777 17:14 01 Feb 05

I am using blank DVD+RW. According to NERO, there is plenty of room so I don't think this is the issue.

  maz2 17:27 01 Feb 05

I think I've heard of this problem before and from what I remember it might be something to do with RW discs have you tried DVD-R of course I could be wrong

  sheila.weston 17:34 01 Feb 05

Yes, I agree with maz2. I am told that verbatum DVD disks +R are recommended. But don't blame me if they don't work! Also don't use any drag and drop method - go to the main Nero window, not smartstart.

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