putting a film onto DVD....another coaster :-(

  Magik ®© 13:45 03 Jan 05

hi, I will not bore you with all the deatails, of how many dvd disks i have messed up..I have a built in dvd writer, and the software is "intervideo disk master" the OS is winxp, I put the vhs tape in the player and recorded it into the laptop, ready to burn a disk, the tape was about one and a half hours long, when it was all in the laptop, i checked the file ready to add it to the dvd burner, only to find it had been split into 3 parts.by now all hope was fading of getting it right, again...i added the 3 files, only to find the middle bit was first.is there a limit to a file size in xp?.cos i can not make out why it was not one big file.


  Graham ® 13:53 03 Jan 05

TS files? You need to convert them before burning. I hand over to the floor...

  Graham ® 14:02 03 Jan 05

The floor handed it back. Do a search for VHS on this site.

  ACOLYTE 14:05 03 Jan 05

If they are Video Ts files all you need do is open your copy software put dvd in drive first then click start/burn and in the box that pops up select the Video_TS file and it should burn it all for you.Thats the general gist anyway.That is if your software supports Video_TS
files,most do.

  TomJerry 14:08 03 Jan 05

the process like this

(1) capture video on files (which you done)

(2) prepare the files as DVD compitable mpeg files, any video editing files will do it, for example, Ulead Videostudio etc

(3) Build DVD use another good program, for example DVD-lab or Sonic MyDVD, but most burning software such as Nero or Roxio have function for this

By the way, the DVD files size on DVD disc is 1gb which will be done by DVD build program automatically

  ACOLYTE 14:10 03 Jan 05

What format are the files you have now?

  TomJerry 14:12 03 Jan 05

it is not a movie DVD build software

for data DVD, file size limit is 2gb

  Magik ®© 14:18 03 Jan 05

hi all,again...first, what are TS files?, the film was "i start counting" with that jenny agutter" whoops got carried away there.. anyhow, it was on a vhs tape, which i recorded it onto the laptops HDD via a lifeview pcmcia card, a sort of tv and video card.. i see from some of the past threads there is a file limit, could that be my downfall...what does changing it to this here MPEG do...thanks all, this is all too much for a oldie.....

  User-312386 14:19 03 Jan 05

before you burn, why not simulate it. This will show if there are any errors and you want be throwing money down the drain mate.

I have been burning DVD's for the last six months and had the same problems as you. However, i do not know what file format your VHS tapes are converted to.

  ACOLYTE 14:20 03 Jan 05

click here This will turn your files in to DVD format its fully functioal but you get DEMO VERSION wrote on the finished item,its only on the border and if you can live with it then this is a good app.Its also easy to use.

  Magik ®© 14:20 03 Jan 05

TomJerry....... that could be where it is all going down the kermit..

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