Putting Favorites Starshaped Icon on desktop.

  Meshuga 16:08 01 Jul 07

How can I put the favorites icon on the desktop as a shortcut. I used to have it but can`t remember how I did it. Have tried drag&drop but that doesn`t work. Thanks. OS is xp home.

  Mac70 16:13 01 Jul 07

Go to My Computer then C then Documents and Settings, User and right click on the Favourites icon and Send To desktop.

  Mac70 16:15 01 Jul 07

Or even right-click on the Desktop then click on New, Shortcut and Browse. Then work to Favourites Folder and click ok.

  sunny staines 16:20 01 Jul 07

i have right clicked favorites folders then added the short cuts to desktop for the wife on her lappy works ok.

has four fav folders on desktop. newspapers, forums, banks, shopping tv webs.

  Meshuga 16:39 01 Jul 07

Thanks Mac70, Did it by your first suggestion OK.
Hanks also to sunny staines.

  Meshuga 19:27 01 Jul 07

That should have read "Thanks" of course to sunny staines.

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