Putting 2nd HD into new PC as C:

  Heefie 17:04 02 Jul 03

I have a PC with 2 Hard Drives, running Partition Magic; drive 1 contains C: & G: , drive 2 contains F: (D: & E: are CD drives)

I am putting a 2nd PC together and want to take the 2nd drive from here and use it as C: in the new machine.

I know I can just put it into the new machine, format it and install Windows, but can I install Windows on to it NOW so that when the new box arrives I can just put it in and turn it on & Windows will boot up ?!?!?!? Will it not still be drive F: and there will be no drive C: ?!?!? Will I have to install Partition Magic onto it ?!?!

Any help, better ideas or other (non-rude g> !!!) suggestions much appreciated ...

  smegs 17:51 02 Jul 03

Heefie. If U put a second Hd in2 a Pc, that Pc sorts out the LETTERS. U don't have to worry about the new Pc, it will pick the Hd drive up as C:\. U can put Windows on the Hd, but when Ur new case turns up, U will have to install all the DRIVERS 4 that PC. Good luck.

  Heefie 18:40 03 Jul 03

Yeah, somebody else said that to me about the drivers today, I might just wait until the box arrives and load it up from scratch ... but oh God, the boring hours of downloading Win2K upgrades and patches on a 56K modem :-( !!!!!

Thanks anyway smegs ...

  Rtus 19:09 03 Jul 03

Thats my Thoughs too ßé£â..

Heefie. Much better to start afresh ( fdisk and install New O/S )Then you havent got all the debris from your old units drivers and hardware causing Bother..

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